Investors Overview


Our Goal:

RedGo’s goal is to achieve high, risk-adjusted returns for our investors by wisely investing in core, value-add, and opportunistic real estate properties that are within our target markets and niche of expertise. To further this goal, RedGo employs a straight-forward philosophy and investment strategy.

Our Philosophy:

RedGo’s key personnel have been in the real estate business for over 30 years. During this time, we have had many equity investors who co-invested with RedGo in most of the properties we acquired or developed. And most of these investors have invested multiple times with RedGo due to the attractive returns they have obtained, our integrity, and the trust they have in our abilities. As co-investors, we believe our equity investors are an extension of ourselves, and as such, we invest their money in a wise and prudent manner. We pledge to remain transparent to our investors by providing periodic property financial statements and timely responses to their inquiries.

Our Investment Strategy:

RedGo is a disciplined investor, acquiring properties that we understand and can effectively manage to provide our investors attractive returns. We have acquired value-add and opportunistic real estate in our core markets of expertise. Examples of such real estate investments are ground up construction, repositioning and vacant or near-vacant buildings. We believe the key to creating wealth in real estate is knowing your target markets and product, acquiring properties at the right time and for the right price, and knowing when to sell.

RedGo’s investment strategy is designed to maximize investor wealth while maintaining an acceptable level of risk. Our investment strategy is a contrarian one where we acquire properties in economic down cycles (when buying opportunities are more plentiful), add value to the investment, and then sell at or near the top of the cycle (when maximum value can be achieved). Combining our philosophy and investment strategy has resulted in high, risk-adjusted returns to our investors.

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